Mission of LGUJM

  • HGUJM gives the Arab community the opportunity of completing their post-graduate studies.
  • The cooperation with the European and Arab Universities specialising in journalism  and media studies will improve the education of the students as well as their knowledge.
  • LGUJM gives the Moroccan and Tamazight students (and for the first time) the   opportunity of studying the techniques used in journalism and media sciences.
  • LGUJM introduces the students to the latest academic and technical developments in journalism and media studies. Alternatively, the university uses the modern technological means of communication.
  • LGUJM takes part in the academic and scientific researches, and promotes the development of new techniques in journalism and media studies. In fact, this will benefit   our communities        both overseas and   in their countries of origin.
  • Developing   the scientific creativity and finding the best and efficient ways to improve the academic and the educational level at the University.
  • A complete and productive cooperation with the Arabic Universities (both overseas  and locally) as well as with the European Universities specialising in  journalism and  media studies.  This includes exchanging scientific expertise, researchers and publications. A  complete coordination  with the relevant institutions worldwide will equally be sustained. The aim of such strategy is to help succeed the pedagogical and academic missions of the University.
  • The efficient participation in serving the economic, the social and the cultural sectors, by means of fulfilling the wishes of a large section of the civil society in education and formation. And due to the urgent need that the Arabic post- graduate education, be it in the Arab world or in Europe, has in the department of journalism and   media studies, our university has taken the responsibility of creating this scientific and academic speciality.
  • Likewise, the creation of a university specializing in journalism and media studies represents an unprecedented initiative that uncovers the veil from off an outstanding challenge imposed by the reality of the modern life whereby media, in all its forms and with all its   paradigms,   is playing a leading role. This requires of course a new consciousness that makes the civil society goes ahead with what the media presents, or vice versa: the media should meet the expectations of the civil society.
  • The selection of journalism and media studies stems essentially from the large demand that exceeds the parsimonious offer in the field of journalism. If the Arab world, including the Arab community in the West, can claim having thousands of journalists; yet 90% of the latter have never followed a specific academic education in the field of journalism and media. Thus, they do not hold any degree or certificate that qualifies them to work, both legally and professionally, as journalists. Therefore, the majority of journalists, both inside and outside the Arab World, are mere amateurs, who lack the academic, the technical and the scientific skills that might give them access to professionalism.
  • Hence, LGUJM endeavours to meet the needs of professionalism in journalism and media studies by enabling any journalist, be he beginner or amateur, to get an academic education and to enjoy a post- graduate study in this field.  Such a formation will give him the chance to explore the richness and the secrets of the journalistic world; it will equally teach him the different techniques of the modern media studies in order to make of him a competent journalist, who practices his noble work in a sincere and democratic way, far away from any racist or ideological tendency.
  • On the other hand, the location of the university in a developed nation, such as the Netherlands, will deliver advantages for the institution, especially if we remember that the Dutch universities, specializing in journalism and media studies, have made a tremendous progress and have acquired a great amount of practical and academic experiences.  Our young University will seek to take advantage from those experiences and will share them with its students, be they in Holland or abroad. This will naturally help the Arab intellectuals interact positively with the reality of the place in which they live, leading to a constructive integration in the educational, governmental and civil institutions of the host nation. On the other hand, the intellectuals, in the Arab World, will be introduced to the achievements that the Dutch educational institutions have so far made in journalism and media studies.
  • All this will undoubtedly lead to the creation of an independent university specializing in journalism and media studies. It is a distinguished and an unprecedented initiative according to which media plays a leading role in this internet era. However, keeping journalism and media studies at the stage of amateurship, and letting it governed by traditional ideologies will surely hinder the civil society from achieving a comprehensive progress which reflects the great scientific and technological revolutions of our time.

Therefore, LGUJM feels the need to spread a self-awareness concerning the fact that the sincere media and iptv box education is an integral component in the development of the civil society where transparency, freedom of speech and sincere thought prevail…..These are, in fact, human shared values that are able to be the stepping stones of the coexistence of cultures, ideas and people.