About Us

La Haye Global University
La Haye Global University for journalism and media is an independent, academic, educational, non-profitable and non-political institution. It has no political, regional, ideological or sectarian orientation. It operates in accordance with the European regulations, and under the supervision of highly qualified teachers of journalism and media studies. The mission of the university is primarily dedicated to the propagation of peace and tolerance, as well as the rejection of violence and terrorism.Similarly, La Haye Global University for journalism and media (LGUJM) prides itself to be the first University specialising in journalism and media studies. The university uses the best tools and best internet tv box while seeking to establish scientific rules for Arab journalism worldwide.The University is located in La Haye (Den Haag) in The Netherlands.Image result for La Haye Global University
Why has LGUJM been established?
    1. To remedy the widespread prevailing incompetent and unprofessional concepts in Arabic  journalism and media, both in Europe and in the Arab world. In fact, those concepts represent   a narrow partisan ideology that seeks self-interest and which spoils the dignity of people.  Likewise, this type of journalism appoints rogue elements, who consider themselves to be journalists, for specific jobs that are completely incompatible with their professional and  academic skills. Therefore, the need of a professional media and journalistic training is  eminent in order  to help  any prospective journalists  fulfil their professional wishes,  and support those amateur journalists in improving their  professional  skills .
    2. Stressing the importance of the fact that the Islamic Arab Community must equally have a distinguished educational and journalistic institution. The latter would take inspiration from  its rich history and would benefit from the monumental technological development that  journalism and media studies have known.
    3.  The absence of distinguished Arabic journalistic institutions in Europe, in spite of the  tremendous efforts that have been realized  for this purpose. In the meantime, all the well- known Arabic magazines journals and digital tv box rely in fact on a financial help that comes    from the Arab world, and  they are thus failing to develop journalism in a non- biased way as   it is the case in the Western world.
    4. The Arabic journalism institutions based in Europe have failed to integrate Arab  journalists who hold a western nationality. Instead, they prefer importing them from abroad.In this respect, the Arab community has no chance to secure their professional career within their rich Tradition and within the European regulations.
    5. To give the true picture of the Arabic academies (both inside and outside the Arab world) using appropriate teaching methodologies, the teachers competence and the  students perspicacity.
    6. The fact that the University is well-organized gives all the students the opportunity to  study professional methods used in journalism and media studies at all levels of  expertise.
    7. The journalism and media institutions in Europe, and even in Northern Africa, need  departments for Moroccan journalism and media in general, and Tamazight  journalism of rechargeable flashlight x ray apron in particular. In this respect, HGUJM prides itself to be the first academic institution  which has been founded for this purpose. Actually, the requirements and the methodologies of the Moroccan  and Tamazight journalism and media   will be  carefully studied in order to  graduate highly distinguished academics and   technical   experts in this field.
    8. The administration of the University will seal the necessary deals with both European and Arab educational institutions in order to secure their accreditation.
    9. The Dutch Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs, as well as the appropriate Consulate of the  registered students will legalise the certificates and the degrees that the University  offers.